Monday, January 30, 2012

Texas Road House- 16915 San Pedro Ave, 78232

This review is from a couple of visits. We have been to this establishment a few times, and it seems that they are pretty consistent when it comes to family dining.

If your child has a nut allergy DO NOT go here. They have a barrel of peanuts right when you enter the door and customers are encouraged to throw their shells on the floor. Very dangerous environment for a child with a nut allergy!!!

Atmosphere: A

We have a tendency to get to most places around 5:30 pm. Each time that we have been here, the longest we have waited is 5 minutes, perfect for kid time. There is a large area that the kids can let some energy out without annoying too many people in the process. The restaurant overall is very clean, there are peanut shells on the floor, but the table and high chairs and booster seats have always been clean. The noise level is adequate, but not too high, perfect for letting kids be kids without having to shush them constantly. The staff here always seems to be clean as well, dressed in t-shirts and jeans, but always well groomed. Another note for the peanut shells that encompass the floor, a big plus for the goldfish and other items that join them later, you don't feel so guilty about leaving a bit of a mess.

Service: A

The staff here has always been very friendly to us and our children. We have had servers that engage with the kids one on one and make it a point to make them part of the customer base as well. They have never run out of high chairs or booster seats. We have never been sat at a dirty table, and we have always been greeted within minutes of sitting down. The food has always come out quickly and has always been accurate.

Value: A-

Most of the items on the kids menu are fair priced. The reason that I gave them a minus is because I just have a hard time paying almost $4.00 for half a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese when I or any other parent knows the exact price of this at their local grocery store. The amount of food that is in each meal is abundant, and the food quality is always good. The chicken tenders are actually handmade there from breast meat. The steak selections are good selections of meat, just mini sized for tiny lips and tummies. Overall the menu is moderately priced, including the adult meals.

Selection: B

Other than the steak selections on the menu, they have the standard kid fare. Most of it isn't really that nutritious. The side selections provide more of a nutritional variety with having vegetables and beans join the usually starchy treats, but let's face it most of our kids will prefer potatoes over cooked carrots. There are two sizes of kids meals, there is a small diner option and then the "ranger meals" selection which are a bit larger in portion and cater to an older palate. The chicken finger meal is just perfect to split between two kids, and they don't charge an extra fee to split it up.

Entertainment: B

They do a fair job of keeping the young ones entertained. There are activity place mats that are dispensed with crayons to keep them busy for at least ten minutes. The environment is upbeat though, and every once in a while certain songs will play that force the staff to do some line dancing to keep things lively. The only way a restaurant gets an A in this category is to have a kid friendly area that they can just get crazy in, but it has to be clean as well.

So the Texas Road House off of 281 and 1604 North is a highly recommended place to take your offspring to. Overall this restaurant gets an A. Well done to the staff and managers for making this a consistent experience.

-The Thomas and Sitzman clan

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