Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Firewater Grille- 26108 Overlook Parkway, 78260

We live within walking distance of this restaurant, and were excited to have a place so close to take the kids on nights that we just needed a night off. We have been here five times, and each time was a big disappointment. We will not be returning so this review probably won't get an update.

Atmosphere: C

The location was obviously a plus, and then decor of the restaurant is nice, trying to be very modern, they have a waterfall wall that changes color and concrete floors. There is also covered outdoor dining that is not right by a highway, so it is an enjoyable area. They have a screen that they are intending to use for Spurs games and family movie nights, however we have yet to see it actually be utilized. We have usually gone on week nights, only once did we go on a weekend, but each time the restaurant was in need of a broom and mop and some of the tables were dirty. On the weekend night we were quoted a wait time of 20 minutes, and were sat in 50 minutes with no apology. The other times that we have been the restaurant was slow, but we still waited twice for about 5 minutes for them to wipe a table off. When you have kids, every minute of wait is equal to about 5 for a child, and it gets more painful the longer it goes on. We have been a couple of times when we did not get a high chair because they were out of them, and there is no kids menu at all. The waiter had to spout off the options that they had for children, and of course when that happens the prices are not mentioned.

Service: D

Each time we have visited the service has been less than acceptable. Greeted very late, one time we even had to flag down a server to get noticed. They consistently brought the wrong item out, and when you tell them that is not what you ordered, they actually have told us that they were out of what we ordered so they just subbed in another option! The food has not been all that tasty, I feel I could easily top them in my own kitchen with not much effort. The kids meals, oh the kids meals. Three different times I had to share with my daughter because her food had been sitting so long under a heat lamp it was dry and inedible. When we pointed this out to our server, they just said sorry! So now we have a dish that someone cannot eat (and the dish was ready to burn her skin off), and my husbands dish was cold. Never has a manager even been seen, let alone come by and visit the table. When I need a night out, a night off, leaving feeling more frustrated than I do a horrible day at work is not what I am in search of!

Value: C

I realize that this is a local establishment and not a chain, so I expect the prices to be a bit more, and I can appreciate that. However, this place is overpriced a bit. The menu descriptions of the food make it sound appropriately priced, but the reality is the food doesn't taste like it sounds. When you order something and it is not really edible, it should be taken off the bill, in fact good customer service would have been to comp another meal, or offer free dessert, none of that was even an option.

Selection: C

I have to give this area an average rating, because I don't remember all the items that were rattled off to us that were kid fare, and I cannot even find a list on their website. I do however remember that they had more than chicken nuggets, burgers, and Mac and Cheese, so that is why I am giving them a C.

Entertainment: F

Remember this is a blog about kids, not entertaining adults, and I am afraid that a waterwall doesn't count. There is nothing that this restaurant provides to fancy a child. I had to laugh when I saw on Urban Spoon that they mention they are kid friendly, not even the servers were friendly with my children. We were constantly trying to keep them occupied as nearby patrons looked on, some with smiles, others with scowls. I have no problem keeping my kids busy during a meal, we come prepared, but the dining experience there always has last almost 90 minutes, and I believe that even Mr. Rogers would struggle with a hungry kid and that time frame.

So basically this restaurant has been a local disappointment. I hoped that they did poor in the beginning and would get better with time and experience, but recent visits have proven that wrong. Overall this restaurant has earned a D.

-The Thomas Troop

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