Monday, January 30, 2012

Buffalo Wings and Rings- 203 N. L. 1604 W. Ste #100, 78232

This review is compiled over a few visits. We have been there with the kids a couple of different times, and each time has gotten a bit better. This establishment is fairly new and they are expected to have some growing pains.

Atmosphere: A

Each time we have been to this place, there was no wait, the only time we waited was while they were pulling tables together to accommodate our larger party with kids. The restaurant is very clean, this could be because of just opened luster has not worn off, I hope they can keep the shiny gleam up. The noise level is medium, just perfect for some kid babble that doesn't overpower a normal conversation. There is also an outdoor dining area, but we have yet to experience it since it opened in the winter months.

Service: B

This is the area that has not been consistent between visits. The first time we ate here, the service would have earned them a solid F. The server showed up very seldom, our order was wrong when it arrived 25 minutes after we placed the order on a less than busy night. When it was discovered that the order in fact was inaccurate, they just took the food and told us a new order was being made. So one of us got to sit and wait while everyone else was nibbling their order. We were never visited by a manager either, the overall service experience was less than desirable. The following times have been their redemption. The service was prompt and courteous, our server engaged with the kids and teased them while taking orders around the table. She also had another server help her deliver the food so that everyone could begin eating at the same time. The manager came by twice to ensure that everything was up to our standards and that we didn't need anything else. The later visit redeemed their service grade big time.

Value: B

The kids menu is priced at about $4-$5 per menu item, however the great thing here is that on Monday evening it is kids eat free night. For each adult entree that is ordered you get one free kids meal, huge bonus in my eyes, makes dining out a little more budget friendly, and gives me an excuse to take the busy Monday off from the "What's for dinner?" question I so love. The taste of the items is good, and the adult selections are pretty tasty as well. If you are on a low sodium diet though, I would probably skip this place.

Selection: B-

This is the weakest area of the Wings and Ring experience. The selections are the usual friend chicken, hamburgers, Mac N Cheese, corn dogs, or grilled cheese, the saving grace of their kids selections are the side items, although it is not on the online menu, you have a selection of steamed broccoli, salads, apple slices as well as french fries, good way to add some nutrition. The kids meals also come with either soda or milk, but there are no refills on the milk, but on a positive side they do have actual kids cups, so that spills are not a huge worry.

Entertainment: B+

There are some great options to keep your kids occupied while you are enjoying an evening or afternoon out. There are TV's all over the restaurant, not one seat in this place is without a TV view, so you can keep the kids and husbands busy for a bit. They also provide kids menu's that are coloring/activity pages, good for some distractions. Free Wi-Fi is also available, so if you need to open your Netflix and get a video going, easy to do. Also they have a small arcade space in the corner that is convenient for the older kids to check out.

Although they have experienced some growing pains in the beginning, it seems that Buffalo Wings and Rings off of 1604 North is going to be a good option for family dining. Guys get to watch sports, gals can chat and kids can enjoy the outing too. Overall we give them a B+, with more visits this grade may change to an A.

-Thomas and Sitzman families

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