Friday, February 17, 2012

Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon- 401 Obst Road, 78163

Adding this restaurant to our review is bittersweet. We love this place, absolutely love it, it is our diamond in the rough. We are afraid to let people know how great it is because we don't want to fight people to dine here, but because of our love for it, we have decided to share it with the rest of San Antonio. Every time we visit here, it is more than just food, it is an experience and we always leave planning our next visit, belly's full and a smile on our face. I feel like this place is our measuring stick for the rest of the establishments that we eat at, they have set the standard high.

Atmosphere: B

The location of the steakhouse is off the beaten path, but that is one of its attributes. The restaurant is clean and the tables and booths are well kept and have always been spotless. The floors are stained concrete and the walls are nicely decorated in cowboy gear and some great taxidermy, this is a great representation of the Texas feeling and flair that most people relish here. There is a stone fireplace that is lit during the winter months and a small bar that is fully stocked for the adults. We have never waited for a table, but even as they are putting together a table the porch outside is inviting for a small stroll. The highchairs are clean, and they do a great job of setting up families with high chairs properly placed among the adults. The only reason they did not earn an A in this category is because of the parking and path to the restaurant is dirt with pea gravel, and when it is spring time and there is that great Texas rain, it is very muddy, making the trek with the kids can be difficult, and anyone who has a toddler knows they somehow find every puddle.

Service: A+

This is the part of the restaurant that should be the standard that every establishment should abide by. From the moment you are greeted at the door, they see to it that no want or need is not attended to. The drinks are brought out promptly in kids cups, they bring homemade black pepper and cheddar biscuits as long as you desire, and it is clear that they are family conscious. They take extra care to bring the kids meals earlier than the remainder of the food, they are very cautious about setting a hot plate in front of a child, and they even encourage the kiddos to share because the portion sizes are abundant. They talk to the children on an equal level, making sure that they know they are an important guest as well. We have met almost the entire staff, and even the owner stops by for a chat most of the time. I have even witnessed the owner helping run food, bus tables and keep the place looking tip top. It is rare these days to find a staff that takes so much pride in what they do.

Value: A

The average cost to feed the youngsters is $5.00, and for that pricing you get a kids beverage, the entree and a side item. The food is all cooked fresh and nothing is processed, not even the macaroni and cheese. There is not one item on the kids menu that an adult wouldn't be tempted to eat. There is plenty of food to feed a school aged child, and for toddlers you can easily share. The food for adults is simply amazing as well. The prices are right and the food is outstanding, everyone will leave the table satisfied.

Selection: B+

There are six selections on the menu for children, most of them your standard choices, however there are 9 different selections for side items, and not all of them are fried. You have your choices from starches, vegetables, and even fruit, all made from scratch that day, or just prepared that morning. I appreciate an alternative to french fries as I know most parents do. They have also brought out half sides, smaller portions but two selections for those picky eaters. The beverage choices are sodas, lemonade or milk. Overall they have a decent selection for kids to chose from, and they do a great job of accommodating to each child individually to make the experience much more enjoyable for the parent.

Entertainment: B

The restaurant itself has two televisions above the bar, they have played Disney movies a couple of times for us on slower days, but most of the time they are displaying rodeo footage. They have place mats and crayons to keep the young ones occupied for a while, but bring food quickly so a while is all you need. During the warmer months though, and adult can take them outside and walk the grounds and have some visits with the livestock while biding your time for the food to hit the table. From March to November the rodeo in season, and on most nights, beyond the doors of the restaurant the place is buzzing with live entertainment. The rodeo fee is not included with your meal, if you want to attend it is a separate charge.

-Attached to the rodeo
-Can make reservations
-Open late
-Live music
-Tejas Social Club once a month for a night off from the kiddos

Overall the Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon receives an A. They know how to make a family night out a wonderful night off. The food and service are second to none. Give them a try, and I promise you will be planning your next adventure to Obst Road the moment you walk out the door.

-Thomas Troop and Sitzman Crew

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