Friday, February 10, 2012

Beefy's Backyard- 25900 Us-281 N, 78260

Forget the name, that is the least appetizing feature of this place, in fact it will become a common household name after a while if you live in the North Central area of San Antonio. This place is a great sunny weather hang out, for adults and kids. On weekends they have live bands, but the best thing they do is taking care of the neighborhood families.

Atmosphere: C-

It is a rustic burger joint, like a Texas roadhouse. The floor is concreteand the outdoor area is a giant wood deck or concrete covered patio. If you are looking for fancy, you won't find it here, if you are looking for a fun Texas summer night, then Beefy's is the place. Our most recent visit was disappointing as far as the level of cleanliness. The trays and baskets that the food came out in were even dirty. The gameroom inside made you just want to wash your hands by looking at it. They hopefully will get it together and take a scrub brush to the place or we won't continue to visit. The noise level is high, this is a family place, and people come there to let their kids be kids and enjoy a bucket of cold beers while enjoying the weather. The staff is always friendly and we have even had a few conversations with the owner. They do get quite busy on weekends so be ready to have a 10-15 minute wait for your food, while you sip your soda or cerveza.

Service: B

You order at the counter and they call you up when the cuisine is ready, however they are pretty good about coming around and cleaning up trays and baskets if you are done with them. More often than not, they will get the kids food out before the rest so you can get your rugrats munching if they are hungry. They nickel and dime you for side items, and they are great about substitutions.

Value: B-

The kids menu is well priced at $3.50 for each item. That price is consistent, there are no discount nights or kids eat free days. The amount of food that is served is decent. There is always a heap of french fries, but sometimes the main item is a little on the smaller side if you are feeding a school age child. The quality of the food is lacking, they need to replace some of the items with better quality ingredients that they already have available on the regular menu.

Selection: C

For a hangout that focuses on families, I feel that this is Beefy's area of most needed improvement. There are six options on the kids menu, all the standard American kid fare. That is not the downfall though, they don't use the same quality of food that they have on their standard menu for the little patrons of their establishment. The beef for the burgers is not the same, and the worst of all is the chicken nuggets. They have chicken tenders on the adult menu that are made with breast meat, however the chicken nuggets on the kids menu are Tyson Dinosaur nuggets that you or I could purchase at the local grocery store. Every item comes with fries and a drink, or you have the option to substitute fruit or milk with no extra fee. I like to have alternative to french fries and soda, and at no charge that is a plus.

Entertainment: A+

This is where Beefy's tops most other restaurants. They have a very large area dedicated to play. There is a jungle gym, a basketball court, even a fenced in soccer area. Inside there is also an game room with arcade games. The set up of the eating area easily allows you to see your child in every area, so you can finish your meal and relax while the kids have a good time too. In the spring/summer months they have live bands on Fridays and Saturdays. They have managed to keep both young and old entertained and it is nice to be able to spend time out, with no countdown clock to a meltdown.

-Free Wi-fi
-Happy Hour daily

Overall Beefy's gets an B for kid friendly dining. If they stepped up the quality of the food in the kids baskets, cleaned up the high chairs, and the play area a bit, they would be almost flawless. Writing this review on a cold day was a bad idea, now all I want to do is sit on the back deck, let my kids loose and enjoy a cold beer in the warm Texas sun, soon.

-The Thomas Troop

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