Saturday, February 18, 2012

IHOP- 22506 US Hwy 281 N, Ste 106, 78258

Disorganization at its best is how I would classify this restaurant. The entire staff was made up of teenagers, no manager in sight. There were many tables that were still dirty, although the restaurant only had a few other patrons in it. I should have known to run right then, but needed to feed the munchkins, so we proceeded to sit down and dine.

Atmosphere: D

As I stated before there were several tables that were dirty, even dishes still stacked on them. There were also a couple of tables that the staff were using, eating and playing on their laptops, and they were littered with food and garbage as well. The floors could have used a good scrubbing as well. The table we sat at was clean, and our silverware was clean. The only positives were the open kitchen so you can make sure your food isn't being tampered with and the restrooms were clean.

Service: F

It was bad, really bad. The server had very little knowledge of the menu, and ended up getting our entire order wrong, and it was a simple order. There were four of us, two kids, two adults, and the kids got the same thing and so did the two adults, simple, you would think. The sandwiches both came out alone, no french fries as stated on the menu, and for the kids eggs they used an egg substitute. When I asked about the substitution she just shrugged her shoulders and said that is how they all come, I quickly stated, No it is not, I have been to an IHOP before and this is not acceptable. They replaced the eggs for real eggs and brought over-salted french fries, with no apologies. She kept coming to the table the entire time we were trying to eat asking us if we were ready to pay the check, very annoying and flat out rude.

Value: B

The prices are set by the national IHOP company, so the pricing is fair. The size of the food portions are good, but at this location the food is not good. The inaccuracy of the orders made the experience bad, and just put a gloom on the evening. After all the mistakes and waiting for our food to finally come out, you would think that part of the meal would be complimentary. No the full check was brought to us, again without an apology.

Selection: B-

Again this is all set up by IHOP corporate, so this is not based upon this location alone. There is a large selection, and some really healthy options, but if you are not in the mood for breakfast, then there are only three selections. Most of the plates have the option of fruit as well, which is always a good option for kids.

Entertainment: D+

They do have place mats for the kids, but they only bring one crayon per kid to the table. The place mat is not that great, there was actually only one thing to color on the page and a cross word puzzle, which is too much for a toddler to take on. The only other thing that allows for some entertainment is that they offer free Wi-Fi, so you can connect with a smart phone or tablet to play some games or a movie.

Overall this local diner earns a D. IHOP itself isn't that bad of a place to go, but if you are in the mood for pancakes, drive a little further and save yourself the headache.

-The Thomas Troop

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